Knuckle Sandwich E​.​P.

by Moose Knuckle

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released June 17, 2014

Recorded by Mark Geanakakis

Joe Pogo Records



all rights reserved


Moose Knuckle Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: POGO!
LET'S FUCKING POGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

at the show
front row
ready to go pogo
lets start the night
my mohawk spiked
everything is gonna be alright

pogo pogo
i'm a fucking pogo machine

pogo pogo
i'm gonna pogo til i puke

pogo pogo
i dont have a fucking excuse

pogo pogo

hey kids do what sid did
put your hands behind your back
jump up and down like you're
having a heart attack
Track Name: NovaPain

don't brush your teeth
eat candy eat sweets
drilling and prodding at your teeth
so much pain that
you cant sleep

my teeth
my teeth

my gums
there bleeding

root canal and now you're fucked
what you are getting is worth your buck
dealing with pain really sucks
the dentist is a fucking cock!

(bridge and talking)
open your mouth up like a lion let me see those chompers
you're gonna feel a little bit of pressure now
now give me a good spit!

i hate your stupid smock
dont tell me to fucking floss
you're not my fucking boss
enough of all this dentist talk
Track Name: Ready,Aim,Fire
like an A.K. ready to spray
shooting down whats in my way
i don't care what you say
you pissed me off on the wrong day

Ready Aim Fire

not running cant take no more
i'm kicking down this fucking door
better run cus here i come
daddy bought a new gun

pushed me to far never letting it happen again
this is the way it's supposed to happen
me fuckin happy and you fuckin dead
Track Name: Trash
corporate property peice of trash
want me to kiss your ass
cus you have a wad of cash?
i'm not going to break my back

tell us us how to do our jobs
system's full of fucking flaws
you cant buy me!

moral majority this whole society
chasing this american dream
have we lost all sanity
these corporate fucks degenerates
they got a hold of us
the'll hold it over our heads
until the day we are fucking dead!

they won't let us have our say
telling us that it's ok
we are forced right in their cage
as we work for minimum wage

Track Name: Breach The Streets
50 stars 13 stripes
usa dont lie to me
keep telling me that i'm free
but this time i will not beleive

breach the streets
show them what it means to you
give them the one finger salute
breach the streets 3x's
do what you gotta do

oneway system way of life
they're fucking always watching you
no privacy always have power over you

they feed you such shit it's fake
do something about it before its to late

breach the streets 33x's
riots looting and spreading the fear